Problems with my WordPress Reader

Dear friends,

Please bear with me as I try to resolve some problems that I’ve been having with WordPress, especially the Reader.

The list of blogs I follow has vanished from the usual link. Each time I read a blog, the name gets added back to the list and also gets duplicated.

Some blogs are showing up empty. I am so sorry about this, as I am not able to read or comment on all your wonderful blogs like I usually do!

I am working with the Support Team at WP to sort this out. Till then, please bear with me. I will continue to read the ones that load without any problem.

Will miss reading the others.

Hope this gets posted without any problem.

See you soon.



32 thoughts on “Problems with my WordPress Reader

  1. Shiva Malekopmath

    I have just included you also in the Creative Blogger Award!
    Please Check.
    I am Still editing and writing. The Power is going now and then.
    You know how it is here. Past so many hours I am on it.
    My God! my wife is silently observing !!!!!
    Love to You and All at Home.

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  2. Sabiscuit

    I had a similar problem on Sunday when a post went live. It didn’t show up in Reader but email subscribers got it. So, I had to repost after that and the situation was fixed. I’ve learned, after many trials on WP, to be prepared for just about anything. x

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  3. Amy

    I understand what you are going through, Nimi! Everytime, WP changes their setting, I have to deal with the same kind of problem with my subscriptions and reader. Take care.


  4. Shiva Malekopmath

    I reread this post. It is really scaring. Problems like this are nightmares.
    Such a thing happened to so many when we were doing Blogging 210 July 2015, suddenly all widgets and menus got corrupted, it went fine after a few hours.
    I feel you need not worry in the electronic media nothing goes away, I mean it does not get washed away. My daughter is a Software Engineer she keeps telling this. So have a good sleep.OK
    Do find time to read my latest poem……in this stupid body.

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    1. nimi naren Post author

      The problems still continue 😯😯 I have lost the list of blogs I follow and it is a big challenge to have to access one of older posts, and see the likers and work through that list

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