Whatta misadventure….

I just spoke to my mom. She sounded really stressed. The reason ? Read on…..

Last weekend, my mom received a call from her neighbour, who lives in the flat directly below hers. She told my mom that she could hear the utility area tap running. This area is an open to sky area, used for washing.  My mom rushed to see, and saw the water gushing out.  She quickly closed the tap, and worried if she’d somehow forgotten to close it earlier in the day.  A couple of days later, the neighbour called again, with the same message.

My mom was totally spooked. What could it be? She kept up a constant vigil, but it did not happen again for a few days.

During her evening walk in the condominium, she came to know that many homes had had similar problems – of running taps. The building’s maintenance and security staff, alongwith the residents, was on a mission.


Image courtesy – http://www.pinterest.com

And, in a couple of days, they found that a monkey had entered the condo, and was cooling itself by opening taps, to beat the oppressive summer heat. A few residents also had the pleasure of the monkey’s company in their homes – they missed some fruit from their dining tables.

My mom is relieved that it was only a monkey, and nothing paranormal. The tap has now been secured with a rope.

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32 Responses to Whatta misadventure….

  1. katelon says:

    What an interesting experience to be faced with in a home.

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  2. Belinda Crane says:

    That is so cute! But how is the little monkey going to keep cool now? πŸ˜”

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  3. Wow! A monkey, huh? We have raccoons, possums, and in more rural areas, bears, snakes and coyotes, but never monkeys. I’ll trade you!!

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  4. A monkey?! Color this American surprised – definitely not something we have to worry about (and thankful for it!).

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  5. mariezhuikov says:

    That’s one smart monkey!

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  6. Susan D. Durham says:


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  7. reocochran says:

    I like when something unpredictable happens in real life, Nimi! Did you see your name on the award nominations list you were #8. πŸ™‚


  8. Edie Olson says:

    I am curious as to where your mother lives that a monkey could be free to find sanctuary in a condominium? Color this American surprised too.

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  9. andeepak says:

    Oh yeah Monkeys have been playing these games off late in my sister’s house as well, looks like they stole a cucumber from the creeper

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  10. Adrian B says:

    LOL!!! monkey ghost.

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  11. Nice story Nimi and also very funny experience πŸ˜€

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