What’s the best gift you can receive?

All of us like gifts. I am no exception. There are gifts that we remember with fondness, others that trigger memories of first love, some truly special ones from our parents and siblings, crazy ones from friends, and the list goes on.

Some of my all-time favourite gifts include my first watch from my parents, hand-made vouchers from my kids for Mother’s Day (which gave me vouchers to call on them to run errands, give me a massage, bear hugs and mom-special kisses), the pair of earrings my husband gave me after our engagement, and so many more!

So what are gifts? They are material reflections of people’s love and affection for us. Through the gift, they tell us that they have spent time looking for a gift that can adequately express their sentiment, and what you mean to them.

Then again, gifts need not be tangible – they can be simple acts of kindness in everyday situations – like the time my husband drove me to have mango ice lollies, at midnight, during my first pregnancy, or the times my dearest Dad woke up late in the night to make a cup of coffee for me, as I crammed for exams! These are even better gifts, simple acts of kindness.

But the best gift, according to me, is to accept other people just as they are!

Letting a person be himself or herself is the greatest gift you can bestow on another.

What is the best gift you’ve ever received? Would love to know…


42 thoughts on “What’s the best gift you can receive?”

  1. What an appropriate blog being that now my birthday is coming up. It’s always a very gift giving time because I’m a twin so my sister and I exchange presents and then my husband’s birthday is the next day. My sister doesn’t have any kids so she is pretty extravagant in the gifts she gives. Couldn’t name a favorite!

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  2. It would be hard to say which gift is best for me. I would first choose the gift of life from parents and God. Then, their unwavering love and affection. I love my gifts of three living children. I also love my 7 (combined step-grandkids and grandchildren) sweet little ones. β™‘
    I have had friends who were longkadtung and brothers, too. I still hope to find the final gift, a man to hold my hand be my life partner. πŸ™‚

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      1. I am not sure I told you that I posted an award post where I nominated you for ” The Beautiful Blogger Award,” Nimi. You may check out my post and hope it brings some new people over for a visit. πŸ™‚

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  3. “Letting a person be himself or herself is the greatest gift you can bestow on another.” Nimi, these words are the exact words I have been saying of late. Yes, oh YES!!! There is no greater Gift in my book then to be unconditionally accepted. Glorious post, my friend. Love, Amy ❀

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  4. On the day I graduated from the Police Academy, my Mum gave me a necklace that had a crystal attached. She told me she wanted me to wear it whenever I was at work because that particular crystal is worn for protection. πŸ™‚

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      1. Nimi. … I love the wonderful memories you bring out. Your posts become such personal experiences. You have a beautiful gift my friend. 😊

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