The joke’s delayed

Last week, one of my friends had been to Korea on work.

To overcome the language barrier, there were interpreters and translators in every meeting.

My friend told me something, which I found quite funny.

During their meetings, after the initial shaking of hands and good mornings, the Koreans would talk, the interpreter would translate into English, and then my friend would respond in English, then the interpreter would translate it back into Korean. This went on, back and forth till both teams had settled into a rhythm, and were more comfortable with each other.

By the second day, they were comfortable enough to joke with each other; the funny part was the Koreans would say something funny and laugh. The interpreter would translate, and wait for my friend and his team to get the joke. They would then laugh.

Once my friend and his teammates got the joke, both sides laughed with complete understanding.

Language is no barrier. Jokes can be enjoyed with anyone, even if we have to wait a bit!


9 thoughts on “The joke’s delayed”

  1. I liked this a lot, Nimi. I have found people who enjoy same music, art and reading books. I have also seen jokes which lose punchline in translation. So happy you mentioned delay in laughter. Glad everyone bridged their gaps with enjoyment. πŸ™‚

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    1. Yes…many a time the joke loses its impact after translation….this worked out fine. We Indians have this problem a lot because of the many, many languages in the countryπŸ˜†πŸ˜†


  2. It sounds like every joke got 3 times the laughs.
    First, in the telling.
    Second, in the translation.
    Third, in the shared laugh.
    Oh, but if only all international relationships could be like this!

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