Cool fragrance

We Indians love our kitchen masalas and powders. These powders are typically eaten with hot, boiled or steamed rice and a dash of ghee (clarified butter). There is a whole range available to choose from – coriander powder, curry leaf powder, lentil powder and many other delicious flavours.

One of my friends recently went to India, and picked up a selection of these powders for me.

After she got back from India, I had the plastic bag picked up from her house.
It was a rather busy week, and I did not have the time to empty the contents, so I put away the plastic bag in my freezer.

My dear friend had bought me a gift ( a perfume bottle and a moisturizing cream), which she had put into the same plastic bag.

As I had not opened the bag at all, the perfume and cream were in my refrigerator for a good week, till I met my friend.

When I thanked her (for the powders), she asked me, “Did you like the smell?”

I was quite puzzled. Why would she ask me about the smell of masala powders ?

I told her that I had not opened the bag yet, and she left it at that.

A few days later, I opened the packet to empty the powders and found her gift. Everything made sense.

I called my friend and we had a good laugh!


18 thoughts on “Cool fragrance”

  1. Sometimes it is an oops moment… πŸ™‚

    I got a book as a gift and left it in one of the zippered pockets of my travel bag and forgot about it. After a month the friend asked me if I liked the book… I was like which book?! I felt really bad. I found it, read it, and sent an elaborate thank you note. πŸ™‚

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      1. oh yes! It was only when in Bangladesh that I realised what we call garam masala in the UK is gorom moshla in Bangla and simply means ‘hot spices’ lol. Then everything began to make a lot of sense!

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      2. It was illuminating! It was just an ‘Indian name’ we used to make curries until moving abroad. Then it became obvious! Yes I’ve noticed in my amateur attempts at Hindi that many Hindi and Bengali words are the same but just the vowels are altered. I can read Hindi well but still learning the grammar and vocab…

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