Knocked on the head

This morning, I was cleaning the bath, and the shelves above it that hold  shower gels, soaps and shampoos. While I was at it, the shower curtain rod gave way and fell on my head!

I shouted out, more from the sudden shock rather than from any pain, though there was a little bit of pain.

My son heard me shouting and came running inside.

“What happened mom?” he asked.

When I told him that the curtain rod had hit my head, he looked worried.

Then he said, “Tell me quickly, what is two plus two.”

When I gave the correct answer, he  said, “Phew! You’re ok then. Don’t worry.”


27 thoughts on “Knocked on the head”

  1. Haha… what a smart boy. You are in good hands, Nimi. I recalled that when I was a school girl and bumped my head I too asked myself what was 2 x 2. When I think about that now it is silly. How should I have been able to prove if I gave the correct answer…. lol

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      1. Yes, well, I was just ‘talking’ to another blogger about how difficult it is to always make a clever comment on someone else’s piece so, no matter what it is I come up with, please know that you always blow me away. You have a real talent.

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