No Plans …..

There are days, when things don’t go according to plan.

Ask me! I had a long ‘things to do’ list planned for this weekend, and many chores scheduled for Friday; and how did I spend it? In bed, with a swollen and bandaged left foot and ice packs for company.

I had just left home on Friday, and stood on the pavement to hail a taxi. A taxi soon arrived and parked in front of me.

I opened the door and bam! my left foot twisted and I fell on the road, unable to hoist myself up, as excruciating pain shot through my left ankle.

The taxi driver waited, thinking I was picking up something from the ground. I feebly waved through the window. He must have sensed something, so he came around to check.

Another kind gentleman also helped in loading me into the taxi, and off I went to the nearest hospital, with an ankle that looked blue and swollen.

X-Ray done. No fracture thankfully. Nasty sprain. Crutches and lots of attention.

I am enjoying this sudden time out. As I rest my feet, the afternoon sun casts a warm glow in the room.

I can hear some drilling in one of the flats in the building, the chirping of birds, the cotton puff clouds moving across a blue sky. I enjoy this time away, with my thoughts for company…

I am not thinking about my long list of things to do….everything can wait.


36 thoughts on “No Plans …..”

  1. Hi Nimi, l hope you rest well and are up and about soon. Time out from the mundane is good sometimes , so enjoy the pampering !!!

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      1. Guess what? Someone must have heard our conversation. My friend brought a bpttle of Arnica tabs this morning, can you believe that? Actually it has helped a lot….total surprise for me. She keeps a regular stock from India.

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      2. Yay!!! Sliced garlic also helps, placed on the sprain it brings circulation to the surface and helps healing happen more quickly. (I’ve been a holistic therapist since 1978 🙂

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  2. Yikes, so sorry to hear of your accident. Keep that foot elevated and iced-it’ll make all the difference in the healing process. I know because I did something similar a few years ago (sadly, mine resulting in a very bad break). Healing thoughts coming your way. ❤

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