The Reunion

The school building had stood there for slightly more than a century. Thousands of children had passed through its portals; to meet life and its various challenges.

The school itself had changed with the times, having been strengthened with new blocks, coats of paint and refurbishment.

The school smiled as it thought of the little children in Grade 1, in their new uniforms, afraid to leave the security of their mothers’ hands. The echoes of small and happy action songs echoing off its walls.

The school sighed at the furrowed brows of the Seniors as they solved difficult papers. The school laughed at the din in the canteen during recess.

The school remembered with fondness the first crushes of teenage, and the tricks children played.

The school heard the thunderous applause and hoarse yelling, when important matches were played.

The school saw young teachers, fresh and bubbly, who had loved the school and grown old with it.

The school remembered the graduating batches as they embarked on a new journey, away from its safe harbour.

Today, the school was awaiting the arrival of its old students, who had graduated 25 years ago.

At 10 am, the school watched them arrive. Little girls in pigtails, now transformed into confident young ladies of poise and grace, mischievous boys now wearing formal blazers, and looking debonair. Children who had grown up together, shared their lunches, giggled and fought with each other… looking at each other with love and joy and reliving the delightful rush of memories.

The school watched as they visited every classroom, remembering and recalling – voices from the past, their successes and failures, the small joys and misunderstandings. Every class brought fresh memories. As they walked down the wooden staircase, they sang their school song with gusto and moist eyes.

They sat in the classroom and caught up with each others’ lives.

They realized that ‘life had happened’ to each one of them, in many different ways. They shared slices of their lives, both good and bad. They saw grey hair, bifocal lenses, and searched for their childhood pals, in each others’ faces. They laughed a lot, with so much abandon.

One day of each of their childhoods, relived again. Pure bliss!

The school welcomed back her children with happiness and enjoyed the day with them, before they went their separate ways.

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12 Responses to The Reunion

  1. Arpita says:

    Very beautiful!

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  2. Sastha says:

    Great! Our reunion after 25 years were so poignant and tugged our hearts in the same way in 2012! Beautifully written!

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  3. School is part of life’s memories and make a big part of who we are. Happy weekend.

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  4. A lot of mixed feelings at a reunion. Personally, I’ve never had much desire to see many of the people I went to school with.

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  5. Reunions can be tricky business but you, Nimi, handle this with grace and a positive attitude
    and it comes across as uplifting and warming – it works well!

    Big Hugs


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    • nimi naren says:

      Thank you, John. Yes, reunions mean different things to different people. But when the school watches as a silent spectator, it realizes that over a century of observing children, nothing really changes, the different experiences still remain and repeat over and over again.

      Thank you, John, for reading and the lovely comment☺.

      Have a blessed day.


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  6. andeepak says:

    Nicely written, we had a wonderful KV reunion last year. Some of us had never met or heard of each other for 25 years. Yeah each of us have taken a different path and there you realise life is finally about you are and how you deal with whatever comes your way


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