The Red Velvet Box – A Short Story

The twins were preparing to leave for school. Just as they moved towards the door, their mom called out to them.

She gave them a small plastic bag and said, “Drop this off at Aunt Ami’s house on your way back from school this evening, ok?”

They took the bag from their mom and said bye. They were in Grade 2 and their school was a 5-minute walk from their home. 

As they walked, Sandy, one of the twins said, “Wonder what’s in the bag?”

Samyu, the other twin replied, “Let’s look inside.”

So, two cute noses dipped into the plastic bag, aided by two pairs of eyes. Inside the bag was a square, red box. Fully red; velvet on the outside, with a small ornate clasp.

The twins looked at each other, their curiosity totally piqued.

“What’s inside?” asked Sandy. “Should we check?”

“Better not”, replied Samyu.

Sandy shook the bag gently. There was a ‘krrr,krrr’ noise, as if something was moving inside the box.

Supressing their curiosity, the twins made it to school. But the same thought visited both of them the whole day – “What was inside the red velvet box?”

At 3 pm, school dispersed. They knew they had to drop off the bag. They looked at each other and the same thought passed between them, as they gave each other an imperceptible nod. They walked slowly, allowing most kids to go on ahead. They stopped on the road and quickly took the box out.

They rattled it once for the krrr krrr sound, one last guess before their curiosity was satisfied.

Samyu opened the ornate clasp; the box tilted, with the force of being opened. Beads rolled out…multi-coloured beads in various hues and shapes…some shining, some transparent, some opaque.

Sandy tipped the box back, so no more beads would roll, and re-clasped it quickly. Samyu scrambled on all fours trying to chase every rolling bead. Ten or fifteen beads fell through the gaps in the water drain, completely gone from their reach.

They looked frazzled and worried, as they quickly put the box back into the bag and ran to Aunt Ami’s. They gave her the box and walked homeward, munching worriedly on the cookies that she had given them.

They came home. Their mother was surprised that they were so quiet and worried if were they spoiling for something.

Then the dreaded call came. The twins froze as they heard their mom talking to Aunt Ami.

“You did not want those many beads? Oh! Never mind, keep the rest, I have enough at home….not a bother.”

Two pairs of eyes looked at each other and two sweet smiles of relief were exchanged.

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4 Responses to The Red Velvet Box – A Short Story

  1. negativethinkerr says:

    well written…my own condition was like those children due to curiosity while reading…

    Liked by 1 person

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