Do I really have a choice?

I am in the supermarket. I am here to pick up a few essentials. As I walk down the hair products aisle, looking for a new shampoo plus conditioner, I am amazed at the range of hair care products. Nothing new here, but for some reason it grabs my attention today.

Each shampoo bottle on the shelf, stakes its claim to address specific hair issues. There is not one bottle that merely says ‘shampoo’.

So, let me see – there’s hair fall control, straight hair, anti frizz, hot oil, dry hair, anti dandruff, volume, herbal, protein, enhanced protein, regular use, mild and gentle, organic, dry scalp, moisturizing, hair mask….!

I laugh out at the range. So, if I want to address hair fall issues and also want my hair to look straight, do I have to buy both the varieties? What if I want volume in my hair on one day and a gentle fall the next…?

What are these brands trying to achieve by offering such specific solutions? What about people who want a plain shampoo that just shampoos? What are the choices they have? Will they be forced to buy one of these ‘solutions’ to solve a problem they may not have at all?

By trying to differentiate themselves from the competition, are these brands truly able to retain loyal customers?

I am flummoxed now. The more bottles I see, the more confused I am. I may well end up buying my usual one.

4 thoughts on “Do I really have a choice?”

  1. I tend to stick with Sauve or whatever is cheapest. I used to go in for the expensive stuff when I had more hair and styled it every day, but I think that was part of the “downfall of my luscious locks.” After so many chemicals to make it look one way, and then more chemicals to fix what the other chemicals did, I just decided to shave my head, let it grow back out, and go cheap. I don’t even use conditioner anymore. Just plain old shampoo. And agreed, the selections these days are mind-blowing and confusing.

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    1. Thank you Lola. Chemicals can wreak havoc. Back home, we were allowed shampoo only once a month. All other times we used soap nut powder pounded with natural herbs and flowers like the hibiscus. Everything was natural and home made. Once we left home for university, the chemicals took over. Thanks for sharing.

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