Quiet time with my handbag

Every woman has one steadfast companion, and that’s her handbag. I believe that a woman is incomplete without her handbag, be it a tote or a satchel bag or a regular handbag.

Like millions of such women, I covet my handbags and have had wonderful memories with them.

During the week,  as I rush through my chores and endless ‘to do’ lists and appointments, my handbag gets loaded with bits of my life in various forms.

When my shoulder starts to hurt, I sit down for some quiet time with my handbag – to unload bits of my life that I have been carrying with me.

I am amazed at the amount of clutter that’s inside.  There are fading receipts for all kinds of shopping I’ve done, lists of things to do – quite a few of them, seven pens (no wonder I can’t find any of them at home), wrappers of candies, earphones, hairbrushes, wet wipes, the book I am currently reading when I am out and get to snatch a few minutes for myself, my sunglasses….there’s so much to organize. As I delve deeper, I find boarding passes from a recent trip, papers that I have filled with doodles and possible-blog ideas.

Some semblance of order is returning. My handbag looks lifeless and sags, suddenly bereft of all its contents. When I nearly reach the bottom, I confidently tip the bag upside down to clear out anything that’s left behind.

Something falls out with a gentle thud. I smile as I see a small shining stone gifted to me by my children.

They found the stone when they had gone biking a few days ago; and gave it to me, after asking me to close my eyes. When I opened my eyes, their faces sparkled with the sheer joy of giving. I had put the stone into my handbag and forgotten about it. I feel happy when I see the stone again.

My handbag carries not only the mundanities of my life but also  simple everyday memories that make life beautiful.

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14 Responses to Quiet time with my handbag

  1. lola gayle says:

    How sweet to find such a treasure in the bottom of your bag! I’ve never been a big purse user. I don’t know why. My mother on the other hand? Oh my! She has always had a magical purse. Scissors? No problem. Tape measure? Sure, right here. Lipstick? She doesn’t wear it, but there it is. Chainsaw? Nope, won’t fit. But if her purse was big enough, she would have it. It’s like a big bag of everything, neatly tucked away for future use. Mary Poppins eat your heart out. 😉

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    • nimi naren says:

      Yes…I can totally relate to your mom and her bag. I’m pretty much the same. Curious to know, how do you manage? I can’t survive a day without my stuffed handbag☺☺. One of friends is one dtep ahead, she can run her life for a fortnight with the things in her handbag if she’s ever stranded..😆

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    • Sabiscuit says:

      Your mother and I have that in common. My bags are getting larger and larger but I’m learning to edit. We have the same friends in common, Lola Gayle. I hope you are both having a fantastic Sunday.

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  2. andeepak says:

    This video is a humorous take on the handbag http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3dxT49U-iRQ

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  3. Yes, we woman do carry on a love affair with our bags. When my children were small I’d find tiny little cars at the bottom and would pull them out to examine and wonder how fat little hands held and played with them and if they put them in there for me to feel closer to them when I was away at work. Even thinking about them just makes me smile at those simple life moments. ❤

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  4. Handbag – a sweet carrier of memories & essentials. 👌 superb writeup mixed with humor esp. Fading receipts & pens

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  5. Such warm human writing and with the added icing of wit.
    Thank You, Nimi, for sharing this and Thank You for following my blog,
    i’m happy to have found you..
    Best Wishes


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