Reverse Spooked

My son has just come back from school. He looks a little off-colour. He has his snack and runs down to play with his friends.

When he gets home, he still looks a little worried. I sit him down for a mom-son talk.

“Is everything ok?” I ask.

“I am scared”, he replies.

“Scared of what?” I ask.

“Today, in school, all the boys talked about an evil ghost called ‘Bloody Mary’. They have warned me that if I visit the bathroom after dark and look into the mirror, I will see her face and her scratch marks. Can I stay with you? I am terrified”, he replies.

I guffaw loudly and rubbish him saying, “Your friends are trying to fool you because this is April. ‘Bloody Mary’ is actually a cocktail, containing vodka and tomato juice. Don’t believe all these stories.”

I continue to smile as I remember such stories that went around when we were kids, but my son still looks  worried and afraid.

I try to calm him down and bring the iPad to show him what a Bloody Mary looks like.

So I sit next to him and type Bloody Mary on Google images.

I do a double take as I see horrible looking pictures of a ghost, blood dripping, hollow eyes…there are only a few pictures of the cocktail.

My son screams in fear, “See, I told you.”

I quickly close Google. I am working on damage control now. Sigh!

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19 Responses to Reverse Spooked

  1. priyankamoraes says:

    Good luck with damage control.

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  2. mariezhuikov says:

    We had “Bloody Mary” when I was a kid, too. It was a favorite slumber party dare to have someone go in a bathroom, turn off the light, look in the mirror and call out to Bloody Mary.

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  3. mike7sedona says:

    That’s a classic example of how misleading the Internet could be as far as young minds are concerned; better rely on the old-fashioned style of teaching concerning such issues – it always works!

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  4. leticialullabies says:

    I only knew the drink too but not of the legend…lol

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  5. writerinsoul says:

    Ahaha! Oops! (I also did not know about this Bloody Mary lady business.)

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  6. andeepak says:

    πŸ™‚ typing that in Google in front of him was asking for trouble, kids believe what their friends say.

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  7. Mariposaoro says:

    Haha!! Oh no!! Bloody Mary is just an urban myth.. Hope you managed to calm your son down.

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