Grand Slam Headache

At 3 a.m. this morning, I woke up feeling uncomfortable. After cutting through many layers of sleep, I realized that I had a 100 on a scale of 1 to 10 type of headache.

I popped a couple of Panadol Extras…but the headache seemed to be on a mission.

I applied Vicks and Axe Brand oil, sniffed these, massaged my head…nothing, absolutely nothing worked.

As luck would have it, it was a crazy day with many appointments. I managed to get through most of them.

Early in the evening, I tried lying down, thinking it would help, but sleep eluded me, and when I stood up – the sledgehammer was back. I moved around without purpose, wanting to be rid of this headache that was making even everyday chores appear herculean.

At 8 pm, I decided to tie one of my stoles around my head. And, believe me, it gave me so much relief. Freeing my hair from its rubber band also helped.

The band on the head helped me focus and I felt some semblance of normalcy returning.

When my husband walked in from work, he looked at me strangely and asked, “What’s with the Rafael Nadal look?”

“Oh, that..I have a Grand Slam Headache”, I replied.

We laughed, atleast my husband did, but it hurt me to laugh. Ouch!

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24 Responses to Grand Slam Headache

  1. lola gayle says:

    Ugh! Hope that headache goes away soon!

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  2. Steven Baird says:

    😦 Feel better.

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  3. Novel reply “Grand Slam headache “. 👍 & some tips too.

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  4. LadyPinkRose says:

    BIG (((HUGS))), Nimi. Headaches are no fun. Hope yours abates quickly. Love, Amy


  5. Sastha says:

    Get well soon… try Himalayan Rock Salt… heard it gives instant relief to such headaches. TC!

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  6. mike7sedona says:

    Yeah, sleep it off and wake up refreshed – that’s the best way to end the Grand Slam! 🙂

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  7. katelon says:

    Hope you are feeling much better. Sometimes taking Niacin helps my headaches, or rubbing on or sniffing basil 🙂

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  8. andeepak says:

    Lol!!!, that was a really great response “Grand slam headache”

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