Over-protective Passwords

I pride myself on remembering people’s faces and their names, friends’ birthdays and anniversaries, most of the time.  Thanks to smartphones, this skill is now slowly failing me.  I have relegated the power of my memory to my smartphone.  I spend time keying in friends’ birthdays, anniversaries, important events and tasks, and then all I have to do is wait, wait for the reminders that the phone will unfailingly give me.  All that my phone asks in return is for its battery to be charged, so that it may discharge its duties to me, its master.

So spoilt am I, that I have stopped trying to remember.  This is proving to be a big problem with the numerous passwords my life seems to require, to stay sane, connected and e-protected.

To be a social-butterfly, to tweet like a bird, to chat with friends, to write an email, to unlock my phone, to access my bank account, to write to my kids’ teachers, to access my blog, to buy anything, to sell anything….all of these seem to require passwords.  And then, each time I transact online, I need an OTP. Phew!

How do I remember them?  Sometimes when an application asks me to change passwords, and I key in something that I can easily remember, I get a polite reminder that says, “This password was recently used by you,  or this password is too weak, please key in another password”.

Passwords are supposed to protect, but I feel helpless.  So, recently, I created a master list with all  my passwords written down.  My husband chanced upon this piece of paper, and promptly tore and trashed it, calling it unsafe.

I have now created a digital document with my passwords, and have ‘password-protected’ this document.  I feel a lot better.  And to remember this ‘mother-of-all-passwords’, I have clues stored on my phone!

Hop, hop, hop, from one password to another, to stay sane, connected and e-protected.  


8 thoughts on “Over-protective Passwords”

  1. Its a password life and that’s what makes hackers life interesting :). BTW digital document is unsafe too, use Keepass thats a free open-source app.

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  2. I have written down my passwords on a piece of paper that only I know what it is. I don’t have a smartphone for as you have stated, they are making peep’s brains lazy. I memorize. I don’t do lists. And challenge my brain all day long, and when I write, I write from the Heart. My math part of my brain, sadly to say, is very weak, once very strong, and why? Because I no longer use math. Reading, writing, photography, and a strict schedule taking care of special needs cats … all keep my brain active and alive. That’s not to say I’ve lost some, for I have. I hope more people realize that technology is stealing their brain power. We all need to get back to old fashion memorization. Or cross word puzzles, which I personally don’t like. But we really need to stop depending on technology for everything. I even have my spell check OFF when I use my editor when I can. Yes, true. (smile)

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    1. That is amazing. This over-dependency on technology will weaken our memories for sure. Yes, we remembered, didn’t we, when we did not have all this for support? I should start scrapping some of these lists..me thinks. I love your line….”….people realize that technology is stealing their brain power”….thank you!

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      1. I deliberately don’t use a list when I go grocery shopping. I make a mental list of all that I need, and when I go the store, when I recognize when I need, I buy. Now, that is not saying I forget an item or two, LOL. But, this is one way I exercise my brain. As with any muscle, if you don’t use it, you loose it.

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      2. That’s so cool. The only brain gymming I do these days is to play Sudoku…will try this grocery list from memory the next time I have to stock up. Let’s see how I fare…

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  3. Though it might not be safe for storing and sharing passwords, I always let do at least one another very trusted person know the passwords of my bank accounts and other similar data for emergency reasons..

    An easier way to encrypt a password is to simply write it down backwards or using some other similar technique known only to you.. 😉

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